* Calling Lists:
All of our lists are scrubbed against all the FTC’s “Do not call” list. If our clients wish to use their own list for their marketing campaign, it must be a “scrubbed” list. Being compliant is very important. Martech5 has never had a client charged due to a “Do not call” issue. Our data is updated regularly to ensure the most recent information possible.

* Digital Transfers:

We can dial thousands of calls per hour. We can record your voice or we can do a recording for you digitally, and send it out to as many numbers as desired. Again the recording is done digitally, that means NO Pause, NO Clicks, NO Robotic delivery. The call is done in such a way as if you actually called thousands of people. The interested prospects are transferred live right to your office. All you need to do is wait for your phone to ring.

* Voice Broadcasting:
We can record your voice and send it out to as many businesses as desired. Your information is left as if you called and left a personal voicemail to thousands of people. Our main focus is volume. We are here to help bring interested customers
to your company enabling you to skyrocket your sales.

* Mailing Lists:
The success of a mail out starts with the quality of the mailing list. Assuring that our lists are updated regularly and that the criteria is specific to your target market and needs allows us to optimize our results. We will send out a mailer that grabs the attention and captivates the interest of your prospects to get them excited to work with you and make you stand out from your competitor.

* Mailers:
We will contact the best prospects for your company with our mail out campaigns. Our graphic design team will assist you in designing your vision and putting it into print to grab the attention of the individuals you’re targeting to help optimize
your growth.

* Email Blasting:

We can send out thousands of emails in a matter of hours. You tell us what email message you would like with an attention grabbing subject line, and we send out the email for you. What would take you days, is done in hours!

* Graphic Design:
Our design specialists work hand and hand with you to design your products. Whether it small items such as pens, magnet cards, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc or larger branding items like logo’s posters, t-shirts, banners and more, we are there to make your designs come to life to help boost your brand and company image.

* Social Media Marketing:
It’s clear that the way of doing business is changing. The current way of getting your business out there is through social media.  Our team will set up your social media boards like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, You Tube, Google and so many more. Connecting with the right prospects to building a following that will aid in growing your business.

* Search Engine Optimization:
Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine's search results like Google, Yahoo and Bing just to name a few. In general, the higher ranked on the search results page, the more visitors you will receive from the search engine's users resulting in the maximization of your site.

* Website Design:
A company website should be professional, visually appealing, and extremely captivating. With the power to complete a sale, educate your audience, and provide critical company information, it should also be closely attuned with the needs of your audience and in line with your business objectives. For many organizations, their websites have become the hub for communication and information. As more businesses turn to the Internet to reach a bigger market and enhance corporate image, the need for a professional and informative website increases.

* Scripting:
Using specific keywords and phrases to get your message across can make all the difference. Keeping it interesting and engaging your target is why scripting is so important. Scripting your calls beforehand allows you to accomplish these goals. 

Let us help take your business to places you have only dreamed of!

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